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Swedish Net Casino is run by a group of casino enthusiasts who intend to create a complete guide for recommendations and information related to online casino. We will continuously update and present reviews of gaming companies. We are open to input and really love when readers listen. 

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We aim to make online casino easier to understand and guide players to the right kind of casinos that offer a wide range of games, manage financial transactions safely, have quick withdrawals and get good reviews from other players. Another purpose is also to regularly update with temporary promotions and news that are considered relevant to our readers. To make it easier to understand how to play different casino games , we have also completed the website with most guides and rules for different games.


It goes out for online casinos. Not only for the player but also for the companies that offer the service. Casinosid offers are continually updated and sometimes we are hard to come with. We do our best but sometimes it happens that we market the wrong type of offerings. We also do our utmost to easily communicate what is stated in the respective online casino’s terms and conditions. Sometimes we misinterpret what’s happening and in other cases update the casino pages without notifying us. Therefore, we can not make any assurances that the content is correct. This includes but is not limited to text, images or other content on the website.